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Future Strategies

    1. Development of Sheep & Goat sector to meet 70% of local mutton demand in the Union Territory.

    2. Stabilize the gain made in fine wool production.

    3. Horizontal expansion of elite mutton type Germplasm (Rams) to be used in priority areas.

    4. Establishment of elite mutton type stud Ram mother farms.

    5. Expansion and improving of such existing schemes (Mini Sheep Farms) to those areas where employment generation can be tapped.

    6. Horizontal and vertical growth of sheep and goat population for sustainable development of the sector.

    7. To introduce indigenous breeds of sheep/goat found in other part of the country, in potential areas after studying their performance and adaptability.

    8. Introduction of mutton breed Dorper.

    9. Introgression of high fecundity gene (FeC-B) and its propagations.

    10. To develop goat in potentially niche areas as a thrust sector.

    11. To bring improvement in goats by introduction of exotic Germ-plasm and selective breeding of native Germ-plasm of Kagani and Beetal.