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Breeding Policy

  • Fine wool production

    The Sheep Breeding policy adopted in Jammu and Kashmir is one recommended by the ICAR and further laid down by the National Commission on Agriculture for Northern temperate regions. As envisaged therein, the cross breeding of local sheep with fine wool breeds like Merino in Kashmir and Rambouillet in Jammu Division is being continued.

    The major chunk of Sheep population of Jammu division being migratory in nature, this policy is being continued till date in these migratory, semi-migratory and stationary flocks of colder regions of the state. Due to introduction of superior fine wool Germplasm in these areas about 65% sheep population has attained desired type of crossbred wool with subsequent increase in body weight.

  • Mutton Development Programme

    To improve the stationery sheep of plain belt and Shivalik hills area of Jammu Division (Jammu, Samba, Kathua and Rajouri districts) with infusion of Germplasm of Nali and Sonadi X Rambouillet crosses for production of medium type of wool with higher carcass yield, a limited organized trials with such Germplasm in sedentary sheep has shown good results with an early maturing fast growing and prolific sheep which acclimatized to warmer environment.

    To give further boost to mutton production, recently Dorper breed of sheep has been introduced in the state.

    Since, the importation of live Germplasm due to strict Indian Health Protocol conditions could not be made after 1995-96, the Department has introduced Innovative Pilot Study Project on Embryo Transfer Technology at Sheep Breeding Farm Panthal so as to give boost to overall productivity of sheep sector in the state. Frozen Embryos of Dorper & Rambouillet sheep were implanted in surrogate ewes and various traits of progeny born are being studied. It is envisaged to introduce the crosses of Dorper breed in plain border belts of Kathua, Rajouri and Jammu and Samba districts of the division.

  • Goat Development

    Development of goat sector, which remained neglected due to more stress being laid on sheep development, has now been taken up so as to narrow down the gap between demand and supply of meat. The Department has accordingly introduced programmes for development of goat sector.

    • Introduction of Beetal breed:

      Under the programme beetal bucks are being purchased from progressive breeders of Kathua district and Gurdaspur district of Punjab and from Central Sheep Breeding Farm Hisar (Haryana) and distributed among the breeders of Jammu, Samba, Kathua and Rajouri belt for improvement of their local goats so as to increase the milk production. Dairy Goat Farm Rajbagh is being maintained on pure beetal goats breeding.

    • Conservation of Kagani goats:

      Under the programme best Kagani bucks are being purchased from progressive goat breeders of Rajouri, Udhampur, Reasi, Jammu and Samba districts and provided to the breeders having Kagani goats so as to conserve the breed on pure lines and to check the inbreeding.