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Germplasm Production Centres (Breeding Farms)

The Sheep Husbandry Department Jammu has established six Sheep Breeding farms and one Dairy Goat Farm in Jammu division, which serve as Ram/Buck mother farms where quality Germplasm is produced and distributed to private breeders through extension agencies of the Department for up gradation of their livestock.

Field Activities

The field activities of the Department are controlled by the Joint Director Extension Sheep Husbandry Department Jammu. The field organizations are headed by the District Sheep Husbandry officers at district level, Block Veterinary Officers at block level. In addition, to cater to the need of Migratory flocks, two ISD Migratory Projects are functioning in Jammu division and are controlled by the respective Assistant Project Officers. To meet the emergencies a mobile unit is functioning in the Joint Directorate of Extension.

The basic unit of extension work in the field is the Sheep Ext Centres. At present 484 Sheep Extension Centres including 60 SECs opened with internal arrangement are catering to the needs of sheep and goat breeders. The staff of the centers is engaged in the overall development of sheep and goat sector in the area by extending breeding coverage, health care facilities, educating the sheep breeders about the scientific and improved rearing and management of sheep and providing all other necessary facilities. In case of the migratory center the staff of each center also moves along with the sheep and goat rearers and remains at alpines looking after the sheep and goats and return to plains with downward migration of livestock. These centers are scattered through out the length and breadth of the province.

Health Care

The Sheep and Goat flocks of breeders are being provided with various health care facilities viz. deworming against internal parasitic infestation, dipping against ecto parasites and treatment against various ailments. In addition vaccination is being performed against dreadful bacterial and viral diseases such as clostridial infections, FMD, Sheep Pox and PPR.

Disease Investigation Laboratory

The improvement of Sheep with exotic Germplasm has appreciably increased wool and mutton but the cross-bred animals have become more prone to the many diseases of economic importance. In order to have surveillance over various types of infections, the role of Disease Investigation laboratory and mini laboratories at District level has increased many folds. Divisional level Disease Investigation Laboratory and Mini Laboratories are making all out efforts to check the disease outbreaks in field and farm livestock laying stress on prophylactic measures.

Fleece Testing Laboratory

In order to watch the improvement in wool quality and quantity, one Fleece Testing Laboratory has been created where wool samples from breeding stocks are collected and analyzed for different parameters.

Sheep & Wool Workers Training

This institute is headed by Principal where training to newly selected Stock Assistants is provided. In addition, refresher training programmes are being launched for Para-vets where they are being provided with latest technical know how and managemental practices.

Machine shearing / training programme

To have longer uniform staple length and higher wool yield, department has launched machine shearing programme for sheep flocks of breeders which has many advantages over conventional methods of hand shearing.

Publicity and Extension activities

To have latest technical know-how, the sheep and goat rearers are being educated through various training programmes/awareness camps organized by the Department, besides distributing publicity / extension material in shape of pamphlets, brochures, posters, booklets, etc., in Urdu/ Hindi to the breeder community.

Fodder Resources

The feed and fodder has a significant bearing on the production of livestock. The agriculture activities of the Department are supervised by the Deputy Director Feed & Fodder. The agriculture wing of the Department is engaged in cultivation of improved varieties of fodder at different farms and field organizations having the qualities of high volumes, biomass and digestible nutrients. The Department has one Fodder Development Farm at Lam. The fodder produced at this Farm is supplied to other farms to meet their requirement for feeding of the Government livestock. This farm also caters to the need of sheep farms of Kashmir Division.